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          Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

          Special Educational Needs & Disabilities encompasses all those students who require a more personalised curriculum than the majority due to their different abilities, home background, behavioural, emotional or social needs. St John’s is dedicated to the promotion of achievement, independence, inclusion and good attendance of these students. They may require provision that is additional to, and different 从, that provided for the majority of students. This group includes those who fall into the category of being able, gifted and talented, having special educational needs or disabilities, and English as an additional language.  For more information, see the 下载 section below.

          Our SEN Policy is on the Excalibur Academies Trust website policy page (see 网页链接 below) and our Director of Additional & Special Education Needs is Mrs Sarah Cardy . She can be contacted by emailing or phoning St John’s Marlborough.


          AEN指南的父母 - 招股说明书信息



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